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Adobe Instructor-led Course

Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications   (4 days)

Onsite and private classes available. Please enquire directly for details...

Course Files

appA_setupGuide.pdf | Setup instructions from Appendix A of the course books (17 MB) | The prebuilt student files that are referenced in the course book.  (Students also receive these on a cd that comes inside the course books) (600 KB) | This course does not require a web server except for two walkthroughs.  These two exceptions are Walkthroughs 4 and 5 of the unit on using HTTPService (on course book pages 311 and 314).  For these two walkthroughs the course setup calls for installing the FREE developer version of ColdFusion 8.  This zip ( contains files that get installed under the ColdFusion directory.


Flex 3 Component Explorer (online)

Flex 3 Style Explorer (online; to create a local copy, right-click for "View Source" and download it)

Flex 3 Language Reference (online)

Flex 3 Documentation (online)

Flex 3 Documentation Download Page (for PDF copies)

Flex 3 Documentation, Full Set Download (PDFs + HTML Language Reference)

Support List



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